Property Management

As an owner, the last thing you want to receive is a call in the middle of the night when something breaks or your property requires maintenance. As Central New York's Premier Property Management Firm, ARG has the experience and resources to manage your building or rental home so that you can truly enjoy your passive income. 


Services We Provide

Financial Management

Imagine a place where you can log-in and see your current rent roll, accept online payments, run reports and obtain a high-level summary of your property all at a click... with ARG's integration with "AppFolio", you can obtain all of the information on your properties financial health at a moment's notice! 

Not interested in running reports? No problem! ARG's monthly statements show your current rent roll, monthly P&L, and maintenance requests/expenses, and will give you all the light you need to insure your property is maximizing profits, so you can relax and have confidence that your property is performing in top shape.

Maintenance Requests

Our easy-to-use web based platform allows tenants to submit maintenance requests at the click of a button, and allows clear transparency and reporting to you as the owner to insure your property is properly maintained. In addition, we have personnel on-call 24 hours a day should any pressing maintenance emergencies arise.

For emergency maintenance requests, please call 315-417-1006


With multiple divisions working in tandem on your property, ARG has the resources to get your property leased ASAP, whether it's a single family home, large apartment or office building, or mixed-use property.

As developers ourselves, we understand that a rental property, like any investment, is only as good as its net annual return and capital appreciation - and it all starts with leasing!

On-Going Maintenance

One of the best ways to maximize profits, is by decreasing expenses... And when owning properties, it starts with on-going maintenance. Our Property Management team will review your current maintenance program and work with you to establish a proactive maintenance program to maximize the life of your building, while keeping expenses minimal.

Once established, ARG will log and monitor your program including such items as Boiler inspections, HVAC cleanings and belt replacement, Elevator inspections, Sprinkler & Fire Alarm inspections, Sewer Drain and sanitary inspections and more!

Capital Expenditures

Maintaining the quality of your property and creating long-term value requires a strategic capital expenditures plan in a competitive market. Complimenting the on-going maintenance program, ARG will work with you to keep your property in top shape for your tenants and review leasing trends to insure your property remains at the forefront of the market.